Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/19/2016

Non-Violent Communication

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So much of this moment is about communicating our fears, hopes, wants and hoping to get through to the other side. I know I’ve been guilty of failing to communicate effectively, so much so that my business partner (who voted for Trump) refuses to discuss politics with me at all anymore. And, that’s a truly sad loss because once the lines of communication are broken there is no hope of coming to understand one another.

I ran into a post today about NVC or non-violent communication and wanted to share it with you both as a way to practice Right Speech and as a means of activism through conversation. I hope we can all put these strategies to use to help everyone see that we’re all human and all want the same things: to be happy, safe, protected and loved.

May all beings live in peace and safety!



  1. Dear Kalyana mitta,

    In an former blog you have it very good expressed: There are only four “enemies” who have to be handled and overcome….hate, greed, foolishness (delusion) and fear.

    There are only four goals too… entering, once returning, non returning and to overcome the sickness of samsara forever…healed for forever…

    It.s worthy to keep in mind whole day….and to go on with the daily duties…

    4+4 easy to remember… then world cannot catch us too much 🙂 situation is a challange for our practise all over the world, you are not alone…

    With Metta and Karuna

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