Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/10/2016

Processing Tragedy with Compassion

The results of the 2016 election have been hard on a lot of us and it has taken me a full day to wrap my heart around it. Anger, shock and sullen resentment were my immediate reactions but those have note softened as a result of doing with the pain and dialoging with others. I am writing this as a way of helping me to flesh put one way of meeting this with compassion. 

The Lord Buddha has taught that we cannot expect to gain happiness by making others suffer and I think that’s what is happening here (Danda-vagga in the Dhammapada if memory serves). For too long the parties have abandoned the under educated, white masses and they’ve finally had enough. Now, they must feel, it’s time to make the rest of us have a taste of their pain. The fact that they’re willing to exchange our rights and our very existence in this country in exchange for a promise of a better life should speak volumes about the depths of their suffering although it certainly doesn’t excuse it.

We had a chance to give them a candidate with integrity and an all-encompassing plan with Bernie but the powers that be at the DNC ignored the obvious and gave us more of the same with HRC. Naturally, a candidate who addressed these fears day after day would win. Unfortunately for all of us it was a man with no vision, no plan and no integrity. 

I hope that we can give the president elect a chance to do right by all of us and that we can form a government that cares for ALL of its people. I hope patience, tolerance and compassion can rule the day. And I will be doing my part by practicing loving kindness on and off the cushion and supporting candidates and angrips with  inclusive vision for all. May all beings be safe, happy and peaceful. 

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