Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/11/2016

Counting Your Blessings

One of the aspirations that I’ve undertaken is to dedicate the merit of any good deeds done to others. A very large part of this involves recognizing skillful thinking, speaking and acting – a skill that I definitely need to work on. In addition to recognizing my own blessings I was also struck by the fact thati am surrounded by human beings who enjoy incredibly good fortune. Having been born into a world where the teachings stl exist, rich with material goods and sense pleasures, it seems that everyone around me is a great candidate to help me generate mudita. From the homeless man standing outside the soup kitchen to the Wall St broker in a suit, everyone born in a human form living here in NYC is tremendously fortunate and has the most precious of opportunities. 

Interesting to turn my usual doom and gloom outlook on its head and see another perspective entirely. May I rejoice in the good fortune of others and work tirelessly towards the goal of liberation for the good of myself and the many.  

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