Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/28/2016

Miserable conditions persuade you to practice virtue

The teaching above has taken on more significance lately and I am seeing ever more clearly that the lay life is the garden of so many sufferings. Truly, to make an escape from all of the suffering one has to take up a life of brahmacariya. Mired in sensuality and a slave to craving I just don’t see a way out. 

Why settle for something that will go away or wither naturally when the Path to Nibbana is yet open?


  1. I believe that connection to the Divine through being of service is the way to true happiness. Do you think that we can enjoy without attachment?

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t know if I’d frame the question in the same way but I think enjoying being of service is one definitely more skillful and can help one develop the qualities (paramis) needed to gain release. Anyway, thank you again and be well!

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