Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 09/27/2016

Delight in Criticism

It is not good to be praised; it is better to be criticized. When you are praised, great pride arises. When you are criticized, your own mistake is blown away.

I copied and pasted this before the night became an endurance marathon so maybe I was in some way prescient. It can be hard to know exactly what’s true in the heart of the moment but, even when criticisms don’t seem to reflect our own perceptions, it is certain that they serve to nip pride in the bud and that they are the result of our own kamma. 

This morning my wife laid into me again with very real threats of divorce so I have to admit that I have been nursing a heart of resentment. There is the voice that asks what have I done wrong? Haven’t I been going out of my way to help and make get life less stressful? Clearly I have but that’s just a clearly not the point. All that is ours beloved and pleasing must come to an end and we are the heirs to our kamma. So, whatever happens, it is fair. 

May I not lose sight of the dhamma and hold fast to my aspirations and sila regardless of what happens. 


  1. I am sorry to hear of all of this upheaval in your life. I have been there. I might still be there. And despite the absolute futility, I try to found ground. Always so many reminders of the impermanence of life.

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