Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 09/17/2016

Abhaya-cariya Aspirations

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As some of you may know, I have a personal set of aspirations that I try to live up to in addition to the precepts. I’ve come to call them “abhaya-cariya” aspirations because my feeling is that, if I align my behavior with them,  I will have nothing to fear at death. So, working with them over the past few months I’ve pared them down to 12 to make daily recitation easier. Additionally, I’ve removed aspirations that didn’t seem to have a direct impact on my daily life.

So, without further ado, here is the latest revision:

  1. May I embrace failure fully and not shrink away from its teachings.
  2. May I practice moderation in eating, never eating to fullness and take only two meals a day.
  3. May I welcome adversity with joy, recognizing it as an unparalleled means for training the heart.
  4. May I give by my own hand once a day as a practice of generosity, renunciation and compassion.
  5. May I refrain from intentionally exposing myself to any media that inflame lust, hatred or delusion.
  6. May I practice humility and modesty, concealing my virtues and practices from others.
  7. May I seek out and wholeheartedly engage with situations and people that I find difficult and troublesome.
  8. May I give the credit and dedicate the merit to others for any good deed done.
  9. May I immediately forgive any harm done to me and ask forgiveness of those I have harmed.
  10. May I avoid even the appearance of impropriety, refraining from intentionally being alone with any person of the opposite sex who is not my partner.
  11. May I completely accept all criticism, knowing it is the result of my past kamma.
  12. May I not complain about or find fault with any situation or person.

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