Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/08/2016

This is my Kamma 

When things go badly, when I’m blamed, when I’m accused why do I look for the cause outside of myself? Why do I look to blame someone else? 

I’m married because I haven’t overcome lust. I work because I haven’t overcome greed. And I don’t practice hard enough to find a way out because I haven’t overcome delusion and ignorance. 

It’s folly to complain about one’s treatment when it’s the result of my own kamma. May I not dig myself deeper. May I take full responsibility for my life. 


  1. Hi! I have just came across your blog and I do want to cheer you up because I think at least you know that you need to be better right? It is a good sign. So don’t feel that bad about yourself.

    I think it is normal when someone hears bad thing about ourselves and make us cross because we care for those words and those words burn our heart so if we can’t calm down, mostly we end up to burn others instead. That is why we are always looking for someone else to blame. That It is natural.

    So when I am angry, I admit to myself that I am angry and I hate this feeling and I do not want to push this feeling to someone else so I breath and calm down. Then I sit or maybe write to think or walk through the situation a little bit like1. What did I do? 2. Wrong? 3. Mean to do? Want to make it bad? What is my intension? 4.What is the result? Good? Bad? Why? 5. Admit that I can’t change the past so I think what is the next step that I can do or fix or make this situation better. Fix things that I can do NOW! and let all the burn goooo! This is just me opinion.

    And lastly,
    Married >> Lust? or Love, caring and want to have beautiful family? But If you married because you want to have sex and sex and sex then yes that is lust! Married people still reach Nirvana.

    Work >> Greed? Or need to live in the city in the society so need to have house, food, cloth, medicine for you and family so that we can live healthy and happily and able to do good things to society? But work to get lots of money so that I can treat myself with 10 luxury bags and buy 5 cars then it is greed. You do not have to be a monk to learn Dhamma but be a monk will make you learn so fast that is it,

    Not finding the way out >> ignorance? Or too rush? Lord Buddha said you can get out of the misery cycle through the learning in every life. It might take 1,000 times or more lives so that you can keep getting better and better so the first step is the most important. Start to have consciousness about ourselves to act, speak and think to do no harm to ourselves and others. That is the first start then you can move to read books then pray then meditate etc. Do not rush or stop. Unless you see Lord Buddha and he showed you everything like intensive course for enlighten, right?
    So sorry for a long comment but I do think you have a good sign to go on. Keep on going. Hang in there.

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