Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 07/29/2016

May all beings be free from suffering 

It’s funny but despite having been at this for more than a quarter of my life, I still find myself doubting the efficacy of using parikamma or meditation phrases to evoke and generate states of mind. Why, when I,  myself,  can recall times when it has been effective? That’s just my conditioning I guess but I think it may also point to a truth I’ve arrived at through practice. 

You see, in my own experience, it seems that rote repition of mantra is almost useless but when I can connect the words and intention that’s when the magic happens. So, I’m going to give reciting the lines that corn the title of today’s post for a formal session for the next month and throw it in as a daily practice when the mind types of tonglen or buddho and see the results. 

May all beings be free from suffering! 

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