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193. The Lord said to the monks: “Consider it true that Hatthaka of Alavi is endowed with seven marvellous qualities. What seven? He has faith, virtue, conscientiousness, fear of blame, learning, generosity and wisdom.” Having spoken thus, the Lord rose from his seat and entered the dwelling. Then a monk went to where Hatthaka was and told him all that the Lord had said about him. And Hatthaka said to that monk: “I hope there were no laymen dressed in white present.”
“No, friend, there were none.”
After that monk returned from his alms-round, he went to the Lord and told him the conversation he had had with Hatthaka, and the Lord said: “Well done, monk, well done! That clansman is modest. He does not wish his good qualities to be known by others. So, consider it is true that Hatthaka of Alavi is endowed with this eighth marvellous and wonderful quality, namely, modesty.

Anguttara Nikaya IV.216

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  1. Thank you for lesson. For me since I know so little, this will be lesson one.

    • Thanks for reading but I’m due no thanks. May you grow in knowledge and wisdom by merit of the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

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