Posted by: Upāsaka | 07/01/2016

182. Just as the radiance of all stars in not worth one sixteenth part of the moon’s radiance; just as in the last month of the rainy season, in autumn, when the sky is clear and free from clouds, the sun rises into the sky and drives away all darkness and shines, flashes and radiates; just as in the pre-dawn light, the healing star shines, flashes and radiates; so too, whatever good deeds one might do for the purpose of a good rebirth, none of them are worth one sixteenth part of that love which frees the mind. It is the love that frees the mind which shines, flashes and radiates forth out-surpassing all those good deeds.

Whoever makes love grow boundless,
And sets his mind for seeing the end of birth,
His fetters are worn thin.
If with a pure mind one feels love

Towards even a single being,
That alone makes him a good man.
Having a mind filled with compassion,
The Noble One does great good.

Itivuttaka 20

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