Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/24/2016


I have been working primarily with tonglen as a metta-karuna practice but this morning I found after some time I was coming up black worth specific people to give and take with. I switched to the breath but soon realized I was wandering from the low energy for to weeks of Ramadhan fasting so I turned back to the brahmaviharas. I focused for a bit on metta for myself with some interesting results and then I turned to mudita.

I have never really been able to practice it with immediate results but today was different. Using the breath I breathed in the happiness and good fortune of a person and thought to myself: May I have a share in your happiness. At cozy out almost felt like stealing but, as I was feeling actual joy arise, I continued. Eventually I got into a pattern of contemplating their good fortunes, success or happiness, inhaling it and echaron the wish that their blessing continue to grow.

I have to admit that I was completely surprised by the efficacy and I even experimented with people for whom I had previously felt some jealously to good effect. Having found a way in I hope to continue and build upon this success mindful, however, that everything is impermanent and subsequent sessions will likely be less exciting and energizing.

May you remove in your good fortune and may it be an aid to your practice.

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