Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/08/2016

Ramadhan and Tonglen

The second day of fasting is always the hardest for me but this year, with a focus on the practice of tonglen, I can add rock in able to give a meaning and purpose to the fast beyond simply practicing nekkhama parami.

Throughout the day as I feel hunger pains, listlessness and nausea in firms I am able to reflect on the suffering of millions of children and adults ensuring deadly famine and drought. Then I take the opportunity to imagine taking on and away their suffering and giving them what health and peace I have. Truly, my fast ends daily at a set time but for thousands of others or may only end at death. For true Muslims, with an ardent belief in God, such reflections and practices surely aren’t necessary or event the point but for someone in-between two worlds of has made Ramadhan a truly holy month.

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