Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/19/2016

The Dhamma Mirror

109. I will teach you the Mirror of Dhamma which, if someone possesses, he may confidently say: “Rebirth in hell as an animal or a ghost is impossible for me. I am a Stream-Winner, safe from falling into misery; I am bound for enlightenment.”
And what is the Mirror of the Dhamma? Concerning this, a noble disciple has unwavering faith in the Buddha and thinks: “Such indeed is the Lord – a Noble One, a fully enlightened Buddha, with perfect knowledge and conduct, happily attained, a knower of the worlds, guide unsurpassed of men to be tamed, a teacher of gods and men, a Buddha, the Lord.”
He has unwavering faith in the Dhamma and thinks: “Beautifully taught is the Lord’s Dhamma, immediately apparent, timeless, of the nature of a personal invitation, progressive, to be attained by the wise each for himself.”
He has unwavering faith in the Sangha and thinks: “Happily faring are the Lord’s disciples, straightforwardly faring are the Lord’s disciples, correctly faring are the Lord’s disciples, methodically faring are the Lord’s disciples – namely, the four pairs of individuals, the eight types of persons. These disciples of the Lord are worthy of offerings, hospitality, gifts, salutations with folded hands; they are an incomparable source of goodness in the world.” Also, he has the virtues that are loved by the Noble Ones – complete, perfect, spotless and pure, virtues that are freeing, praised by the wise, uninfluenced by worldly concerns and conducive to concentration.

Digha Nikaya II.93

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