Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/02/2016

Inner Peace and Politics

I usually try not to get too involved with politics but something about the Bernie Sanders campaign really resonated with me. I have been caught up with it, donated frequently to his campaign and drove all I could to spread the word. Naturally, the result is this attachment had been the basis for a lot of suffering, especially now that is becoming clearer that money is all it takes to buy elections.

So, what am I left with? A heart full of aversion towards Hillary Clinton and contempt for the powers that be mixed in with a lethal dose disgust with those who support her. Clearly something has to change.

Presidents will come and go and irreparable damage may be done to our planet, country and people but I have no real control over those things. What is within my range, however, is my heart, my mind. May I cultivate metta and karuna for all politicians may I purify my heart and make use of this precious life to clear the path before it is over.

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The mud, the lotus and the pale golden blue.

Dirk Pieters

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