Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/29/2016

Accidental Mudita

As I was walking from work to the train I happened to witness a situation that filled me with joy. Granted, a lot of the context for the event was assumed by me, but it really doesn’t change much.

I was walking past a stooped a woman had just handed her son of to someone I imagine may have been the father. The press not and happiness in the little boy’s face filed my heart to bursting and as he beamed with a toothy smile he looked directly into my eyes. Almost automatically I began wishing them both well and sending as much metta and karuna their way as possible. 

Not only was it an experience that illustrated me the meaning of mudita but it also clearly showed how powerful the bonds between patents and children really are. I simply can’t imagine being thrilled to be in the presence of another person the way I feel around my own children. Yes, it is a frightful thing but it is also intensely beautiful just like a flower that blooms only once in. The morning and is destined to wilt in the evening. 

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