Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/09/2016

Body Contemplation

As I was walking to work today I found my eyes constantly drawn to look upon the feminine forms of the women walking down the street in their way to work. I clearly knew that I was looking with a mind inflamed and realized that I needed to mount an effective response before I was overcome by the infatuation. Through familiarity my mind went to asubha contemplation almost immediately but his to do it while walking?

Posing the question send to be just what was needed because as I followed my footsteps an image of the bones, muscles and tendons in my feet arose. As I walked in I felt the posture of the bones pressing into the flesh at the bottom of my feet with such clarity that the infatuation disappeared.

Everything we need for liberation truly is to be found in this fathom long body. 


  1. Sadhu!

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