Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/06/2016


For quite some time now I have been afflicted by the hindrance of restlessness and not solely during formal meditation. Whether I am walking somewhere, listening to my wife talk or meditating on the breath I can, at times, be almost overcome work the feeling that I want to move on to the next thing and to be done with whatever is at hand. And, despite the fact that much of this has to do with my own conditioning I can’t help but think that the smartphone (from which I post) enables me to strengthen this particular type of unskillful behavior.

As a test then, I undertake not to look at my phone on my way to work for the next month to see just how hard it is. I know from experience that it is almost an obsession with me to check my phone and I feel the effects now creeping into every other aspect of my life. Wish me luck. 

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