Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/01/2016

Dhamma Dad

I often see that many of us who are converts to the Dhamma take issue with raising our children according to its values. For better or worse, I’m not one of these people and that’s is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing my kids understand and rejoice in the Dhamma themselves.

My kids have been exposed to Dhamma in the form of the Theravadin tradition since before they were born. So, without ever even having to teach them they picked up on. “namo tassa bhagavato” and, with some little product and bribery my son can now record the Five Precepts in Pali and English.

These are great things but even better is to see him take not in the practice. This morning as we were walking up the stairs from the train to school we saw an older lady struggling with her bag. I told him to go help her and at first he was confused. “¿Como voy a ayudarle? Hope an I going to help her?” he asked. I told him just to help lift her bag so and wouldn’t struggle and he did.

The look of pride and happiness in his face let me know immediately that he understood and I took the opportunity to tell him a bit about dana-sila-bhavana but the real point and teaching was made in his heart.  May we all grow in the Dhamma.

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