Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/26/2016


I can’t be sure good long it’s been going on but it certainly feels as though most of my sits have been plauged by restlessness lately. Each time I sit the mind immediately wanders off and I spend more time wandering than I do with the breath. Partly I think this has to do with the things that have been occupying the mind throughout the days but I think another reason is that I keep forgetting just how close I am to death in every moment.

A casein point is the fact that one of the only things that works to refocus the mind and heighten the effort is the recollection of death. By switching to the reflection on death when I am wandering and then returning to buddho I have been able to find a little more peace and calm in concentration. 

May I clearly see impermanence and realize that the myriad worries will all be snuffed out in the moment of my death.

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