Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/05/2016

The Unsurpassed Way

5. Unsurpassed is the Lord’s way of teaching the Dhamma concerning one’s proper conduct in virtue.
One should be honest and faithful, without deception, chatter, hinting or belittling, not always ready to add gain to gain, but with the sense-doors guarded, moderate in food, a maker of peace, observant, active and strenuous in effort, a meditator, mindful, with proper conversation, steady-going, resolute and sensible, not hankering after sense pleasures, but mindful and prudent. This is the unsurpassed teaching concerning a person’s proper ethical conduct.
This the Lord fully comprehends and beyond it nothing lies to be further comprehended. And in such matters there is no other recluse or Brahmin who is greater or more enlightened than the Lord concerning ethical conduct.

Digha Nikaya III.107

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear Kalyana mitta (spiritual friend). May your samsaric journey be short and save, Theruwan saranai from Sri Lanka

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