Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/30/2015

Sickness, Aging and Death

It seems that, not often than not, the practice is a matter of balancing one’s perceptions. I have be seen white heavily focused on the brahma viharas and hand been struggling with over indulgence in sense pleasures. Having been down this road a number of times before I realized just this morning, after having been assailed by kilesas for a week, that it might be a good idea to bring the perceptions of sickness, aging and death to mind.

Naturally they aren’t a magic charm but each time a thought of sense pleasure arose I would reflect on these perceptions to god effect. Until liberation may we never become enslaved to that which sickens, ages and dies.


  1. Have you meditated on the nine points of death?

  2. I have on the first three, always was a little afraid of it. But actually, as been promised, it is a vitalizing process. Being aware of the time passing by at each moment, and being aware of the certainy of death, with a calm mind, led to a joyfull day. Pretty cool.

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