Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/03/2015

Our Cat Is Dying

My wife called in tears you say that our sixteen year old cat had taken a turn for the worse and had not moved all day long. The cat lives with her parents now and her father took the car to the vet who repeated the standard advice which is to put her down to prevent get suffering. I know they mean well and I understand that all of our family and friends advising us to do the same only want the best for the cat but how can it be anything other than killing?

In a world where suffering is unavoidable how can we think that ending the life of another being is the right thing to do? Sure, from our myopic perspective it may seem to bring the pain to an end but how can we know the betting we have euthanized had not now passed on into worse states? Surely, we suffer less in the present by having rid ourselves of the sight of the dying one but that doesn’t make it right or skillful.

May Lakota be free from pain and suffering. May she obtain a favorable rebirth and may the Dhamma.


  1. Hi Mike,
    I am sorry you are going through this. I’ve been through it myself a number of times.
    Intention here is key. When we took Red, our greyhound, to the vet for the last time – it was a very hard thing to do burn it was with love and compassion.
    Sometimes as lay people we have to make very hard decisions which might mean, from time to time, doing something that we find incredibly hard.
    Wishing you and your family the very best.

    • Thanks Ben for your kindness and your thoughts. Being separated from the beings we love is hard and only serves to strengthen my determination to practice. May Red have found a favorable rebirth! Be well!

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