Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/30/2015

A Practice for this Lifetime

I have doing a lot of thinking lately and have come to realize that one of the probe reasons for exploring extra-canonical Buddhisms was because of my desire to further develop the brahma viharas in this lifetime. Among the way that intention was confused and forgotten but that is the starting point. I reawoke to this gradually as I continued to practice the fundamentals as explained to me by Bhante Saddhasara and evaluate my practice by that measure.

Simply put, I need to make some serious changes before I can pursue the concentration practices recommended by the Lord Buddha and it seems to me that there is no better way to prepare the ground than through the sublime abidings. That and the fact that my own family life points out my shortcomings with regard to the brahma viharas on a daily basis.

So, may I continue to grow in the Dhamma while pervading my mind and heart with loving-kindness until liberation. 


  1. Upasaka, I think mettā and the brahma viharas are really important whether you stick with the Pali Canon or not. Moreover, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana teaches heavily about mettā (which he translates as loving-friendliness) and about samatha practice. I have used mettā as an object of samadhi for years per his instruction and find it effective–was only really ever able to successfully use other objects after some measure of concentration with mettā. I will try to find some of his recordings for you if it’d be helpful.
    It also seems to me that the brahma viharas are the core of bodhicitta–which in turn is the core of the whole of Mahayana. So it would make sense you’d look at some of those practices longingly if your spiritual life needs mettā.
    I say this all, for what it’s worth, to let you know that you have my support. Mettabhavana (and its companions) are wonderful doors to the deathless.

    • Thank you for your reply. I have found your blog incredibly inspiring. Please feel free to comment or send anything you feel may be of use.

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