Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/21/2015

True Veneration

325. And the Lord said: “Ananda, prepare a couch facing the mark between these two sal trees, for I am uneasy and wish to lie down.” So Ananda did as the Lord asked, and then the Lord lay down on his right side, resting one foot on another in the position of the lion, mindful and clearly conscious. Then suddenly, the two sal trees burst into full bloom out of season and the flowers rained down out of respect for the Tathagata. Celestial blossoms and heavenly sandalwood powder rained down, and heavenly music and voices could be heard, all out of respect for the Tathagata.
Then the Lord addressed Ananda and said: “Look at these sal blossoms and heavenly flowers, sandalwood powder, music and voices. Yet, it is not like this that the Tathagata is respected, venerated, esteemed, worshipped and honoured with the highest respect. But the monk and nun, the layman and the laywoman, who abide by the Dhamma, walk the way of Dhamma, practise the Dhamma – it is they who respect, venerate, esteem, worship and honour the Tathagata with the highest respect. Therefore, abide by the Dhamma, walk the way of the Dhamma and practise the Dhamma. This is how you should train yourself.”

Digha Nikaya II.137

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The mud, the lotus and the pale golden blue.

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