Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/06/2015

Death and Equanimity

As samsara continues to dole out another round of loss, it’s really helpful to reflect on death and what it means for material gain. When we’re forgetful of it, financial security, status and praise grow out of proportion like cancerous tumors. But, in the light of death, we can shine a light to see what really matters to us.

For me, contemplating the very real possibility that today could be my last, shows me that worrying about the inevitable ebb and flow of fortune is ignoble at best and, when it leads me into unskillfulness, worse than death itself. There is no question I will die and it is my belief that the only thing I can take with me is my kamma so depression, anger and anxiety don’t help me to prepare for the inevitable journey.

Besides, focusing on the negative is just as foolish being the eternal optimist. May I cultivate wisdom and equanimity by reflecting on death and kamma and may we all free ourselves from suffering. 

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