Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/04/2015

Happy Uposatha – Right Effort

The  uposatha is here again and I am thankful to have had the presence of mind to observe it. Someone has finally written an android app for the uposatha calendar so I really have them to thank for today’s observance. If you’re using an android phone I suggest downloading it if you’re interested in keeping the Eight precepts on uposatha days.

Perhaps it’s because restraint is already on the mind but I find that observance days tend to be more challenging than others when it comes to chasing after sense pleasures at the door of the eyes. Specifically, I find it harder to resist the temptation to delight in playing female forms and have to make an extra effort to restrain the eye. Yes, despite the shame I feel in admitting it, it is still a struggle to wrest my attention away. Thankfully, at this stage of its nothing more than a desire to look but there is always danger in looking with a mind inflamed by craving.

May I do my utmost to restrain the eye and learn to prevent unwholesome states from arising. Happy uposatha!

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