Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/02/2015

Make No Distinction

On the past few days I have been restraining myself from acting on what sends to me to be  an unusual influx of thoughts and perceptions based in ill will. Whether or is simply a result of an increased sensitivity, an actual increase in these types of thoughts or a combination of the two the fact remains that I am struggling to find an authentic and effective way of dealing and overcoming them. Fortunately, the teachings are ever at hand and I came across this gem this morning which, although it isn’t a technique or practice, is a good reminder to practice Right Intention.

306. A tree makes no distinction in the shade it gives. Even so, the meditator, the earnest student of meditation must make no distinction between any beings, by must develop love quite equally towards thieves, murderers, enemies and towards himself, thinking: “How may these beings be without enmity and without harm, how may they be at peace, secure and happy; how may they look after themselves?”

Milindapanha 410

Shared via Buddha Vacana for Android

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