Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/15/2015

A Lesson in Anger

Today we got off to a rough and late start. My wife woke up in a bad mood and took issue with everything i did. The kids didn’t listen and we left the house almost a full fifteen minutes later than usual. Then the busses were too crowded to get on so we decided to take a train which was then delayed.

Somehow,  i didn’t completely lose my head.

But,  as we stepped off the train to go to their school we noticed that a young woman was fighting with a much older lady as they struggled for control of the older one’s grocery cart. As they were right in our path i released my kids’ hands and stepped in to break them up. No, not the smartest thing to do but it seemed like i had no other choice.

In the end both ladies attempted to quickly plead their case to me (i must have said something to the effect of “Stop! What are you two doing!?”) but by that time it didn’t matter as i had quickly turned back to grab my kids.

There are lots of things to ponder about this but what struck me most was the fact that i could have just as easily been one of those women. How easily can we slip into anger and, without even intending to, end up in a similar situation. Simply recalling my most recent run in with the restaurnteure is enough to make me shudder. What would have happened if a male colleague had gotten in my face? Would someone else have broken it up or would we have ended up in jail?

The defilements are truly dangerous things and today’s lesson is one i hope not to squander note forget anytime soon. May we all love in peace and free of animosity!

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