Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/06/2015

Happy Uposatha – Endless Aditthana

It sometimes seems as if my practice consists largely of resolves and aspirations that i generally fail to achieve. In one sense that can be extremely depressing and can lead to plenty of self-recrimination. At the same time i can see it as a sign to set more attainable goals. And yet,  there is some deep conditioning in the mind that sees a value in seeing these goals for myself and, looming back on the past ten years of practice, it certainly seems to be effective.

Today is both an Uposatha and the last day of the introductory course at the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom so i think it is an auspicious occasion to undertake the commitment to meditate for two hours every day. I have been more or less hitting an hour or more for over a month now and really feel that two hours is attainable and beneficial.

May we not squander or precious lives and may we make an effort to grow in the Dhamma.

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