Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/28/2015

Willpower – Happy Uposatha

For the last couple of weeks, if not longer, I have been somewhat slack in terms of observing the Uposatha or any of my own, home-grown practice commitments. Surely, there is a fine line to be walked between forcing oneself into doing something and Right Intention and Right Effort and I feel I have been exploring the unskillful side of that equation by allowing myself too much leeway of late.

Because today is an uposatha day, I decided to listen to Ven. Thanissaro’s collection of talks on the Eightfold Path as a way of reinforcing my commitment to use to today as an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the Dhamma. It is precisely in his talk on the Fourth Frame of Reference that he identifies willpower as Right Intention and categorically states that it is necessary for making progress along the path. As such, may I make the resolve and put forth effort to act skillfully for my long-term benefit even if it be painful in the present moment.

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