Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/18/2015

Meeting Animosity with Metta

In the last few days i have been reminded of just how unpredictable it can be to live with a human body. Out of nowhere a cold has come and swept away all semblance of routine, forcing me to do all i can simply to make it through the day.

And yet, the Dhamma is still there. One thing i have noticed as i make my way through the streets everyday is that, especially since i began practicing tonglen again, when i lock eyes with someone who appears threatening i now can diffuse the situation by taking in the suffering that is causing them to want to cause harm and share worth them whatever goodness and peace i have in the moment. This may not seek like a big thing to many of you but,  as a result of my kamma and growing up as a man in this society, i have often found myself on the verge of many a violent confrontation. In fact, in my younger years, i for into physical fights on a pretty regular basis. Despite being older i still see the seeds and roots of this behavior in the soil of the heart which is why such this seemingly alchemical transmutation is sick a miraculous gift to me.

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