Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/14/2015

Fear is a Dangerous Thing

The more i practice, the more i come to perceive that fear is often more dangerous than the situation it supposedly protecting us from. Things may have once been different in our shared, evolutionary past but an unending drip of cortisol and intermittent shots of adrenaline do little to help one avoid a slow sales day.

Perhaps thanks to the practice, i am able to bear witness to the contraction of the heart as it seeks to shield itself from the fear, knowing full well that in doing so it is also closing itself off from the possibility of liberation from the selfsame fear. And so, like the rest of my practice, i need to come back, to gently remind myself to return to kindness and to make the eternal leap of faith into vulnerability so that i can be present to the possibility of freedom.

May we all be free of fear and suffering!  

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