Posted by: Upāsaka | 09/02/2015

A Precious Opportunity

Maybe it’s the inveterate cynic in me, but it’s very hard for me to admit what a precious opportunity i have to practice the Dhamma. The sugary sweet, quasi pollyannesque title of today’s post seemed to me to be both slightly nauseating but entirely necessary. Truly, without the Dhamma i would be as a rudderless ship adrift on the oceans of samsara.

Why this sudden up-swelling of gratitude? Perhaps because i have been making formal practice more of a priority in my life and i realize just how lucky i ask to be able to do so. Yes: it requires waking up earlier and skipping evening television or reading but for how many millions of people is such a thing completely impossible?

Clearly i have an opportunity that it would be beyond foolish to waste. May i make the most of this short, charmed life.


  1. A very nice post, Mike.
    Anumodana for your noble intentions and actions.
    You are an inspiration for all of us.
    With metta,

    • Ben,

      I’d be lying if i didn’t say likewise about you. Thank you!

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