Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/27/2015

Turn All Mishaps into the Path

The exhortation to use all mishaps and unpleasantness as aides to the development of the path had been on my mind of late. Of course we all know that everything is teaching us Dhamma if we are available to the present but how often do we participate in the moment in that way? I know that i often get stuck in deeply worn grooves of unskilfull behavior and, rather than vowing difficulties as an opportunity to practice new skills or refine the paramis, i get lost in aversion and self-pity.

Take today for example: i woke up, checked work emails and orders, meditated and got myself out the door. And yet everything this morning seemed lackluster and coveted by a haze of fatigue. I felt the initial twinge of panic, scared that i had pushed the practice too hard and was feeling a backlash but then i recalled the slogan. Even this can be practice. Especially this should be practice. When things are going well the practice seems to move of its own accord but is it really practice at that point? It seems that that practice is actually more a reaping of the benefits of the work done at times like this. So,  may i tale joy in the Dhamma and be grateful that every moment of my life now offers me a chance to make progress towards the goal while purifying my heart.

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The mud, the lotus and the pale golden blue.

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