Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 08/16/2015

Dana Parami – Giving Away Something Precious

I have been thinking a lot recently about dana parami, especially because I have had to suspend my daily giving practice while away on vacation: there simply aren’t many needy people here in this Costa Rican resort town. I’m not sure why the idea has re-occurred to me but I have been reflecting on the practice of offering something that is precious to you to someone as an act both of dana and renunciation. I recall a Dhamma talk given by Ajahn Achalo on the subject of offering whatever you hold most precious to someone you think would appreciate the gift and how liberating and joy-producing the act can be.

Honestly, at this point I’m a little terrified and I can feel my chest contracting as I build up to it but, really, how can I not continue? I will be giving away my treasured 36-bead, sandalwood wrist mala that I use everyday. I intend to give it to the friend of ours who has been house and cat sitting for us while we have been here. Fortunately, I can feel some joy welling up at the thought so I know it will not be a sacrifice that I cannot bear.

So, I would like to invite any of you who might be reading this to join me in giving away that one thing you find most precious in your life to someone you think would appreciate it. If you’re up to it, please share what you’re gifting and to whom and thank you all for your practice! Sukhi hotu!


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