Posted by: Upāsaka | 07/01/2015

Happy Uposatha However You Observe It

Today is the Uposatha day according to the Thai Dhammayut order whose calendar I follow. For years I have observed whenever I could find the strength and wherewithal to do so but, I have to admit,  that the last few years have seen me observing less consistently than I would like. Partially this had to do with work and familial obligations but, even more so, i believe it has to do with my own all or nothing approach and a misordering of priorities.

Tale for example today’s observance: I am observing the fast of Ramadhan all  month long out respect for the family’s tradition which would normally mean I would forgo the Uposatha. And even though it wouldn’t be a “perfect” observado I have lately come to the conclusion that even if I try to follow the other seven precepts and make the day one of deepened and sustained practice it would be for the better.

So,  I wish all of you a happy and fruitful Uposatha regardless of how you choose to observe it or not. Sukhita hontu!

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