Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/29/2015

Monday Morning

It’s  an early Monday morning and it makes the first weekday of my kids’ summer vacation which is why I’m standing on a more or less abandoned platform at 6:30pm waiting for a Brooklyn bound train. I don’t know if it’s simply too little sleep, the cumulative effect of fasting for Ramadhan or something else entirely but I am feeling confused and uninspired this morning,  not sure of how to practice with it.

This,   however,  is a familiar enough theme and from long acquaintance I can intuit that what is really called for its acceptance and openness. So,  bear with it I will until things settle and I can see a little more clearly what is happening. Until then equanimity for the experience,  loving-kindness to all,  compassion for the suffering and appreciation of the good fortunes of others. In this way I should be in good stead to work with whatever arises.


  1. Somewhere in a copy of the Visuddhimagga that I have there is a quote that is one of my favorites to recall:
    The brave aspire
    The wise will not lose hope
    I see myself as I had wished to be

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