Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/25/2015

Parisa Abhaya Dana

For better or worse, it seems that my search for a lay Buddhist organization which would meet the needs of the monastic Sangha, provide encouragement for growth in the Dhamma to its members and offer them a variety of ways to provide service in the spirit of the Dhamma had resulted  in a decision I was fain to take: I am taking on the task of getting one started. I will be posting the rough draft we have of our mission statement or manifesto shortly but for now I just wanted to introduce the Parisa Abhaya Dana (the Community of Giving a Fearlessness). Currently,  there are only two of us but this is fine since we need to iron out the technicalities and wait to hear back from all of the bhikkhu and bhikkhunis to whom I have reached out for advice.

Who knows of this project will be successful but that really isn’t the point. The idea is to bring like minded Dhamma-farers together so that we can all learn and grow while doing good for the society at large. If they’re is no wider interest that can sustain such a group so be it but without trying we will never know.


  1. Will the community be online?

    • Veronica,

      Yes, we will have an online community with a view to forming local groups as well. If you are interested in participating I can send you the draft of the manifesto. Let me know and be well!

      Every good blessing to you!

    • Veronica,

      Please find the Facebook group we started today here:

  2. Good to hear, Mike! All the best in your future endeavors, my friend! /\

    • Thanks Lawrence! Wishing you and yours well!

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