Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 06/18/2015

Pay the Bad with Good

So i got my dates wrong and today is the forest day of Ramadhan which finds me a little more irritable than normal. For those of you stumbling across this Buddhist blog wondering why the author observes the fast of Ramadhan, suffice it to say that it is primarily due to my family situation so it is done or of respect for them. In addition, I take the opportunity to practice nekkhama parami during Ramadhan so I find it  great time for practice as well.

Any way,  for whatever reason,  I found myself arguing with my wife and breaking just about every precept involving right speech before I rushed or the door. Immediately after I felt the inevitable twinge of remorse but it was too late. As students of the Dhamma, we should know that we cannot escape the results of our actions but we can,  until Liberation, water them down. So,  rather than dwelling overlong on my missteps I have made the resolve to counter every wrong word,  deed and thought with an expression of metta, karuna, mudita or upekkha.

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