Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/10/2015


The reality of devas and other unseen beings is something I have never had a problem taking on faith. I know for a lot of so-called Western Buddhists this is a sore subject and is often either ignored completely or derided as an unnecessary cultural accretion from Buddhism’s ancient Indian past. But the violence done to the actual Teachings when we take the layer Duane is something I cannot personally stomach.

Throughout the suttas and in most daily devotions one finds constant mention of and references to the devata but I had never really given too much thought to the actual practice of devanussati. I guess that I, too, felt that this recollection was somehow below for to my own hubris. And yet,  add I read about the ten recollections yesterday I realized that I had been found myself a great disservice. As one ajahn pointed out,  the existence of the devas gives us confidence not only in the good result of kusala kamma but can also help list a darkened mind into the light by contemplating that there are gray beyond of light and splendor who look after the beings of the world and especially those struggling to live in the light of the Dhamma.

The skillfulness of the recollection doesn’t end there either. For me,  to realize that there are countless,  benevolent beings who can instantly read my thoughts is a great reason to guard the mind. The sheet embarrassment of broadcasting impure and ignoble thoughts is enough to make me do everything in my power to curb then and train the mind.

May there be every good blessing and Mai the devas protect you.

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The mud, the lotus and the pale golden blue.

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