Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/05/2015

Parking Rage

I think I have mentioned once or twice my total disdain for parking. It’s an almost irrational hate and fear but or is strong enough that I do everything I can to organize my life in order to avoid it. This morning however I found myself in a situation where I both had to park and was going to be late.

I won’t dwell too much on the reasons why I suddenly found myself in the positron of having to circle around Park Slope and Gowan for forty five minutes but suffice it to sati I was resenting my partner for the whole thing. As I say behind a garbage truck slowly crawling its way up Carroll St in fits and stays I began to contemplate the anger: who’s was it?  Would I want it if it were to be the last thing I ever experienced?  What about patience?  Kindness?  Is this how you develop it? 

I don’t want to betaine the truth of the situation. I was angry (rightfully or not) and I need to accept that add I do any other fact of perception. But,  I was able to wait. To come to some kind of peace and top restrain myself from anything more than mental recriminations. Practicing in this way I hope to someday purify those as well but in the meantime I will take heart and hot in a job done well enough.


  1. Fine,dear kalyana mitta that you could give the garbage to the garbage truck…. 🙂 best wishes to NYC…which i only know from movies and your blog

    • Ayya,

      I hadn’t even thought of that but that is precisely what was called for.

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