Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/28/2015

The Primacy of the Precepts

I have been reflecting quote a bit lately on my formal practice and have come to the conclusion that my sila is in need of more attention. It’s not that I an finding myself bracing the major precepts on a regular basis but I do find myself assailed by remorse more often than I world like. So, as part of my attempt to reground myself I have taken to resorting the eight lifetime precepts  every morning as I walk to work.

The fact that I silently repeat each precept internally using my 36 bead mala means that I have time to reflect a little more deeply on each. Then,  one I have finished,  I take some time to recognize the face that I have not consciously broken any of my precepts and take joy in that.

I hope that by strengthening my sila I will be better preparing the ground for meditation and will be living a more a more authentic and truly beautiful life.


  1. Interesting blog! Just kinda stumbled upon it. I’m a Canadian writing from a buddhist perspective too. And it’s funny that you mention sila because I’ve been having the same thought in my own practice. It’s coming up more and more just how important “Character” is in the path.

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