Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/06/2015


Mercy is a strange word that seems to imply the very real potential for causing harm and the styling of the hand that would do so. As I reflected in the theme of today’s post, however, there seems to be no better or apt term to describe the unique type of forbearance required in one’s relations with one’s employees. And this seems to me no less true despite how crass and impolite it may sound.

Time and again when dealing with the people who work for me I find myself on a precipice over which I could fall into total aversion as a result of what I perceive to be their inability or unwillingness to follow instructions. It is precisely here that there is a need for mercy and for more creative ways of redirecting them in order that they accomplish their duties. For the time being out is enough for me to have noticed the aversion and to have seen the need to respond with gentleness and kindness even if I’m not sure how that will translate into action as yet.


  1. It takes a special mindfulness and creative thinker to be a good boss. You seem like you’d be a great person to work for!

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