Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/17/2015


My thoughts have turned quite suddenly to the precarious nature of our existence not just individually but as a global civilization. I won’t get into the details or delve into the reasons for my rekindled fears but suffice it to say that fear of death and o impermanence have proven to be the greatest spiritual catalysts in this lifetime.

As my mind meandered down these paths it stopped and pondered the possibility of the death of my children. As repulsive and heart wrenching as such a thought is it is a reality that countless mothers and fathers have experienced. I often think of some of the horror stories that came out of Cambodia at the time of the Khmer Rouge and realize there is nothing that truly separates me from those families except an accident of space and time. When we accept the Lord Buddha’s teaching and realize that we have been brother, sister, father, mother, soon and daughter to everyone else it becomes truly hard to understand why it is su hard to feel the same concern for all beings.

May we look upon all beings with the tenderness of a mother and seek to deepen our love and understanding while there is yet time left.

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