Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 03/19/2015

Happy Uposatha – Making an Effort

Someone yesterday I realized that I was spending so much of my time devoted to things other than the practice that it would be foolish to expect any great results (and, yes, I am practicing for the result of ending dukkha).

Looking at my life it may not seem that I have an abundance of time to do much beyond work and child-rearing and that may be true in some sense.  And yet those moments when I do have time, such as a train ride or a half an hour before bed are usually spent doing anything but the practice. I can hear the familiar voices now reassuring me that I’m too tired and I already meditated enough today. But I’d it true and does it help?

How can I expect to make progress without really putting in the effort? Obviously there is a need for rest but I feel that I have been making choices that don’t lead to lasting happiness or development a little too often. May I learn to strive out of love and compassion for myself. Happy Uposatha!

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