Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/16/2015

An Accidental Gift

It seems that I lost my wrist mala this weekend and, like it or not, I tend to get very attached to them. Last night I searched and then searched again in pockets, bags and books and crannies hoping to find out but can’t up with nothing. Normally I would briefly struggle with the loud and then quickly but a replacement even though I have a few others I could use instead. Of course I would convince myself that it was money well spent because it’s ostensibly for the Dhamma. And yet they’re is always this niggling feeling that I’m spending money that I could put to better use since I already have at least two other malas I could use. Small stuff, to be sure but drop by drop a bucket is filled.

So it came to me this morning that, rather than seeing it as simply a loss why not rejoice that whoever may find it could possibly be inspired to learn more about it and possibly find the Dhamma. And, even if the result is not so grandiose why not not give it freely to whoever may find it, wishing them well and registering all the merit made with it through the hours it was used? And, if it happens to be returned to me as overturn happens in the cases, I will give it freely to the next person I think would want it having already made a gift of it in my heart.

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