Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/12/2015

Happy Uposatha – Nekkhama Parami

When thinking of renunciation and lay practice, the Uposatha observance comes immediately to the forefront. In my own limited knowledge, it seems that the Lord recommended setting aside days of observance when one took up the renunciate precepts and spent the day in Dhamma practice and contemplation so the tradition has the the strength of scriptural support. But, perhaps even more convincing to those of a skeptical bent, I have seen great benefit for my own practice as well. Conversely, I have seen how I have handled the observance wrongly and made a complete mess of it.

Today’s post is then meant to serve as a reminder that sheet, brute force is not what is needed to observe correctly. Rather heedfulness, clarity about one’s ever-changing intentions and a true compassion for self and others seem to be the requisite qualities to undertake the Uposatha correctly. So, may I induce the eight precepts out of love and compassion and develop the wisdom that sees through the lures and shared of craving.

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