Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/07/2015


So it appears that I have to come to the first of many crossroads in the practice of using buddho to stay with the breath. Yesterday and today during my formal, seated meditation I was asked time and again by the hundred of doubt. The mind kept returning to the right “is this working?” and “Why am I not feeling anything?” Obviously, there is much clinging and crashing for results here and, in writing this, I see too that there is also the hindrance of restlessness as well. The good news is, of course, that I will not be so easily swayed and fur good reason.

This morning I wrote up after the kids and had to get them breakfast and situated before I was even able to think of practice. Still I remembered buddho and it was this recollection that kept me from losing my cool as they banned in boxes and toy barrels while I was in the midst of the morning routine. I was immediately aware of the change and grateful for it. So, even if formal practice is not immediately producing the fruits of concentration it saved me on at least one occasion from akusala kamma.


  1. I too use Buddho to be mindful of my breathing especially when Monkey Mind is working overtime. My teachers Venerable Wajirapala Thero and Christopher Thurston, from the North Carolina Buddhist Vihara, advised me to try to be mindful of my breathing throughout the day, “Whether standing or walking, seated or lying down.” Like you, I have long and busy days. I find that when I remember to mind the breath, the ruminating may be there subtly but it helps tremendously. Whenever the monkey screeches too loud, I go into Buddho and then the breathing presents itself more easily. It’s helped me from wanting something to “Happen.” I’m grateful to have a few seconds of concentration. So may you and your family be well and be blessed. Peace.

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