Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/05/2015

The Path in a Single Word

Practicing with “buddho” I have at times experienced doubt, restlessness and even aversion but what is truly inspiring about this method is that it seems too be almost holographic in nature. Before I get too far afield let me be clear about what I mean: as I silently recite buddho on the in and out breath it is as if I can see the entire path laid before me. The Lord Buddha Buddha recommended anapanasati as one of the Beth methods for cultivating jhana and this technique is a form of breath meditation. At the same time, when don’t sets in it also serves as a recollection of the Buddha and the fact that each one of us, that I, am able to make and end to suffering just as he did and countless other men and women have through the ages. What’s more, when I think oh the Buddha I see how important the brahmaviharas are and how he, by his very life and teachings, was the greatest example of compassion one can think of. So, in this one word I have so far found metta bhavana, buddhanussati and anapanasati. What more will I find in the minutes and his to come?


  1. What is buddho? Some kind of mantram repeated with the breath?

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