Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/26/2015

An Uposatha

Today is an Uposatha day and I decided almost immediately upon waking that I would only be observing partially today. If it’s not obvious, I have an ingrown aversion to doing things only “half way” and this is especially so when it comes to the practice. Still, I don’t believe that the point of the practice, of all Dhamma practice, is to punish ourselves by not living up to its mandates in idealized form. Rather, might it not be more skillful to take joy in those parts of the observance I feel ready to take up today and make a resolution to do more as time and energy allow? From what little I know about the Dhamma, such an idea certainly seems to be in accord with it.

So, this morning I took only the third Uposatha precept and will keep that in purity until sunrise tomorrow. May I practice with compassion and ardour so as not to waste this precious life I have stumbled into.

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